Magic Does Happen
Magic Does Happen

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The Magician
L’AMOURBOX I Wand Vibrator I Value 60€
The Magician is an elegant, rechargeable mini wand vibrator. It’s powerful, silent, water- proof, has 10 functions and is designed for clitoral stimulation. The great think about the Magician is that you can use it in many different ways. You can use it for soloplay, you can use it with your partner before or while you have sex or you can just use it for a mas- sage... Yes it actually does that as well!
LAMOURBOX I 100 ml Lube I Value 10€
Lube is always useful and sometimes we feel there is a misconception with lube. Lube is not just about going from being a bit dry to wet but
Longer Play Gel I Value 8€
Long-lasting sex, yes please! This gel is all you need to delay ejaculation. It can be used both as a enhancer for longer-lasting sex and to reduce premature ejaculation. Whatever it is, it provides maximum pleasure during your sexual activities.
L’AMOURBOX I Masturbator I Value 15€
The Slider is a great masturbator to use by yourself or with your partner. Remember to use lube to get the best joy of The Slider. This is our first masturbator and we are curious to know what you think! We are also planning to develop a vibrating version later this year.
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*Box has been upgraded from pictur with 100 ml lubricant and Longer Play Gel with candy sample